Why Item Secure?
Believe it or Not
Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world. It is estimated that termites cause more damage than fire and storms put together!!!
They slowly and gradually destroy all the wooden furniture and empty your living place. The entire wooden area starts getting hollow and you won’t even come to know until great damage is done.So it is very vital to take defensive measures before it rips off your pockets and your bank balance and then later on your entire living place. Thus, termite control is getting very crucial and essential for every home. It is a must dothing.
Traditional anti-termite Method
In pre-construction pest control method, pesticide is sprayed the foundation pit before the foundation is being made. The above method gives protection for initial 3 to 5 years, and then Post Construction Anti-Termite has to be carried out. In which, holes are drilled in the flooring including the periphery of the building and pesticide is pumped in and holes are sealed again. The method has to be repeated every few years. It is a costly affair.
Disadvantages of Conventional Anti-Termite Treatement
Deterioration of aesthetic values
Damages to the floor and structure
Inconvenience of shifting of furniture and or evacuating the site
Exposure to pesticides
Effect of pesticide is diluted
ITEM (Integrated Termite Elimination Method) its customers gives maximum effect with optimal use of pesticide. Far better than conventional treatments.