ITEM vs Traditional Methods

ITEM Secure Comparision with Conventional Methods

ITEM Secure is a pioneer in  Anti Termite with an unique method of laying a 8mm jointless tubing network which is incorporated at preconstruction stage.The tube is made up of LLDP (Low Linear Density Polythrene) having perforation (driper) at every running feet (12 inches). Behind every perforation there is a pressure value welded, which is suppose to open on a presence of 2IBS (To maintain equal/even distribution of emulsion). We lay this tube at inner periphery running all wall to wall (taking extra precuation in kitchen/bathroom area) after completing the loop, we create junctions outside the structure (taking both the dead conduits). Similarly we make the loop of outer periphery then chemical is to be injected through this network in future.
As we are injecting chemical through this network it reaches at all entry points of termite (as looping of drainage pipes also done) and creates the barrier. The best part is we inject only the optimum quantity of chemical and creating the barrier at entry points, whereas in the conventional method we have to spray chemical all over the ground even at the places treatment not required.
ITEM , (Integrated Termite Elimination Method) technology consists Intelligent Networkof Pipes and Valves with built in drippers.

ITEM Secure Traditional/Conventional Methods

Pre-Construction Stage
8MM tubing network at internal and external periphery. Chemical barrier created at entry points.
Chemical injected once the building is ready and effectiveness remain longer.
Pumping done only after completion. No chemical Waste (dilution)
Chemical spreading all over the ground unevenly.
Chemical spraying done at initial stage of construction and effectiveness Finishes by the time building completes.
Chemical more dilute when water flow is more (rains/slab forming/wall curing).
Post-Construction Stage
By injecting chemical through ready network.
No shifting of furniture required.
No damage to floor done.
No pest control operator enters your house, as pumping done from externally fixed junctions.
Environment friedly ( No exposure of pesticides).
Zero inconvenience.
Full proof termite control, as tube network present around Drainage pipes (Kitchen/Bathroom), Electrical Conducts and behind the fixed furniture.
Save time as pumping of chemical requires only few hours (e.g.5000 sq.ft. ).
Chemical injected after drilling the floor.
All the furniture and other articles have to be shifted.
Floor damaged in drilling holes and grouting later.
Pest Control Operator moving all over the house for drilling and injecting chemical.
Exposure of Pesticides and chemical. Smell to children and pets around.
Inconvenience caused for drilling and shifting of articles in house, then rearranging.
No drilling done near drainage pipes, electrical conduits, fixed furniture, as it might lead to leakage water, Electrical Shortcircut, damage to fixed furniture. Hence no 100% assurance.
Drilling and injecting, grouting will take at least a couple of days (5000sq.ft. 2 days).