How it works?

ITEM – Pesticide Pumping through Intelligent Network

ITEM technology consists of Intelligent Network of Pipes and Valves with built in drippers, which is laid under the floor, inside and outside the building. Once the building is ready, pesticides are pumped into the network. Network uniformly spreads the pesticides in the soil, all around the building. It is a novel method of pumping the pesticides through the already laid pipelines with the help of an imported Dripper, which restricts the entry of termites into the structure and thus do the needed work called as Termite Prevention, Termite control or Termite Protection. The substitute, which is available today, is not stable in the soil for longer period. So, through years of continued attempts, inventions and experiments, we have been able to successfully develop this infrastructure, Viz. ITEM, which will effectively Prevent Penetration of Termites? Although we are installing it below the floor level, we can plan it at the plinth level by installing LLDP (Linear Low Density Polythine) Pipes on the Joints of the internal wall. Same kind of treatment will be done to the external periphery Also. the job, which will be completed at flooring level, will be tested in the presence of your representative and the duly completed infrastructure will be handed over to you by sealing The Junction Box, which could be opened, used for periodic Pumping of Pesticides in future. Infrastructure Installation is a very cost effective method of treatment and is a new milestone revolutionary concept as far as Anti-termite Treatment is concerned
This treatment is repeated as and when necessary. This technology can be implemented only in structures that are under construction.
ITEM Secure is a new milestone achieved in the history of Anti-Termite Treatment and is a far advanced revolutionary concept for Termite Proofing that has made people thinking.
ITEM , (Integrated Termite Elimination Method) technology consists Intelligent Networkof Pipes and Valves with built in drippers.