ITEM Secure
ITEM – A Revolutionary Concept ITEM SECURE, founded in the year 2001-2002, is an independent entity affiliated to PESTCONE PEST CONTROL SERVICES, BARODA.
ITEM (Integrated Termite Elimination Method) is a very cost effective method and is a revolutionary concept for Anti-Termite Treatment. This new system of treatment, successfully developed by us- for the first time in India in the area of Pest Control Treatment, is a property of 9001 : 2008 certified company.
No one is unaware of the destruction caused by the termites. Termites are a real problem and they create havoc to our wooden furniture, walls and wherever they have formed swarms. It has become our chief priority to save our sweet home. Every one of us is searching for the best available Termite Control products in the market. Several companies have produced many insecticides and pesticides for Termite Control or Termite Prevention, but only few of them have succeeded in giving the most powerful and effective insecticides.
One of them is ITEM Secure. It places itself in the few top Pest Control Companies in Gujarat. ITEM Secure is a pioneer in Anti Termite Treatment and pre construction Termite and Pest Treatment with its unique method.
ITEM Secure have actually developed a system for termite protection rather than a product. ITEM stands for Integrated Termite Elimination Method. ITEM is a technology involving intelligent Network. This network includes pipes and valves with built-in drippers. Intelligent network of pipes is laid under the floor, inside and outside the building. Pesticides are pumped into the network which spreads them uniformly in the soil, all around the building. Pumping is done through imported drippers which restricts the entry of termites in the structure. It took many attempts, trial and errors, research and experiments to develop this technology ITEM for Termite Prevention. Pipes can also be made up of LLDP (Low Linear Density of Polythene). The best part is we inject only the optimum quantity of chemical and creating the barrier at entry points, whereas in the conventional method we have to spray chemical all over the ground even at the places treatment not required. This treatment is repeated as and when necessary. Thus it is a revolutionary concept in the field of Pre-construction Termite Treatment and Pre-construction Pest Control.
Infrastructure installation is a new milestone as far as Anti-Termite Treatment is concerned.
ITEM (Integrated Termite Elimination Method) is a very cost effective method and is a revolutionary concept for anti-termite treatment.