Pre construction Termite Treatment

Pre Construction Termite Treatment

Often the ITEM Secure team is inquired why opt for pre-construction pest control services by patrons? The answer is simple – ITEM Secure Pre Construction Pest Control service treats the soil beneath any foundation thereby eradicating chances of termite infestation in future. In the new construction pest control treatment, at an early stage we treat the soil in contact with the foundation with insecticide. This creates a toxic barrier to all kinds of termite entry in the future.

Our pre-construction anti termite treatment in Gujarat, India is divided into 4 steps – Site Inspection, Expert Review and Recommendation, Site Preparation and Site Treatment. ITEM Secure also offers Reticulated Termite Treatment in Gujarat, India.

Along with regular pest control products available in India, we use advance termite and pest control products from different parts of the world in our pre-construction pest control services to ensure 100% best solution only.

For those who believe that Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment delays project work – that’s never a case when you choose ITEM Secure. Timely delivery of site post termite treatment at affordable budget makes us the best among the anti-termite service providers of India.

For all kinds of termite treatment and termite proofing projects, please contact ITEM Secure now.