Franchise Background
Generally a franchise is granted for a whole state, district or city. However, single and multi unit franchises are also considered.
Duration of Agreement
The basic duration for master franchise or multi unit franchise is normally 10 years. The single franchise is required for at least 3 years of agreement.
What Floor Space is Suitable for ITEM SECURE Concept?
Ideal requirement is around 500-1000 sq. ft. with store capacity. You can go upto your dreams.
Can I find My Own location?
Yes, it is your responsibility to locate a viable commercial or business center idealistically suited for growth.
What form of Training is Provided?
Item secure provides extensive training to franchisee and operators at both onsite and offsite facilities
Executive Orientation: A one-week orientation programme is offered to franchisee and their manpower for day-to-day operations and maintaining quality standards and customer satisfaction.
ITEM SECURE Programme : It covers all training and skill development programmes that satisfy all your requirements.
Operator’s Orientation Programme : A one week off site and onsite training practical as well as theoretical aspects to develop the human resource of franchise.
What form of Continuing Guidance will I Receive?
We will cater to all kinds of technical and marketing guidance to make higher levels of internal & external customer satisfaction. Our technical and marketing people will visit your sites to guide you as and when required. We will also provide advice and counseling information on, advertising, exhibition, seminar, megashow, training, communication and any other business information, which you might require.
What About Advertising?
Building recognition of the Item secure name and unique concept is an essential on-going objective that benefits franchise. For this purpose, each franchisee is required to spend a minimum 3 to 5% of sales in their local market for advertising.
Are equipment and tools competitively priced?
We will be helpful to procure necessary equipment and tools at best quotes. We will also provide you detail list of required equipment and tools for execution of work.
Do I Receive Guidance on the Purchase of Inventory and Supplies?
We will provide all basic materials and consumables. So you may rest assured, because we believe in customer satisfaction with high quality standard.
Does Item Secure have Inventory Controls and Business Aids that I can Use?
We have designed a complete variety of forms for inventory control, daily and weekly sales, profit and loss account and other business aids vital towards managing an efficient operation. You will also receive advertisement, brochures and other marketing materials, which have been professionally prepared to promote your business within the local market.
Who decides what prices will I charge for service or products?
We have pre defined minimum rate or price for service and products. However, we will advice you and give you pricing suggestions based upon our past experience and local competitive comparisons.
Can I Sell my Item Secure Franchise?
Yes, like any other business it may be sold to a buyer subject to our prior approval and discretion. However, we have the right of refusal in certain critical situations which might affect Item Secure as a whole.
How do I Get Started?
First, fill out the Franchise Application Form and submit it to: The Franchise Manager, Item Secure, 601/602, Iveory Terrace, R C Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Baroda, Gujarat-395 005. Upon receipt of your application we will get in touch.