Disinfecting Service

Disinfecting Service

Product Description: 

Whether there is Covid-19 case or not, opting for general disinfection service is highly recommended at this crisis hour. The global pandemic is continuously spreading and taking one step ahead is never a wrong call. Just choose the ITEM Secure disinfection service for a complete sanitization of your surroundings. ITEM Secure disinfection service can be applied to houses, homes, flats, complexes, societies, residential colonies, shopping plaza, malls, shops, outlets, open market, outdoor unit, garage, terrace, floor and so on. To opt for the ITEM Secure disinfection service, you don’t need to stay away from your property for long. ITEM Secure disinfection service, Vadodara has been a part of our portfolio for two decades now. In recent times, we further update the disinfection service with new methodologies targeting the Coronavirus problem. Our disinfection service team is well-trained and well-equipped. Throughout the course of the service, they abide by all government regulations and take extra care in case there are positive cases, pregnant woman, asthma patient, infant, children or sick around.

Looting patrons in exchange of services has never been our forte. Thus the disinfection service package is available in manifold pricing such that any and everybody can afford it. The disinfection service of ITEM Secure has a warrant facility that makes it further beneficial.

If you are also keen to keep your premise completely sanitized as a preventive measure against the novel Coronavirus and in general, discuss your project with the ITEM Secure agent now. We will be happy to help you.


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