Quality Assurance
Our Quality Policy

Our primary aim is to become most preferred and desired Pest Control Treatment operator in India. We desire to achieve this by offering our clients prompt, reliable and effective services. We commit ourselves for employing environmentally friendly methods and pesticides for achieving the control of pest. We shall take advantage of the latest technology and TQM for improving upon our services continuously.

TQM means Total Quality Management. We go with TQM because it emphasizes on a number of concepts which all support the philosophies of customer focus, continuous improvement and defect prevention. TQM involves participation of all levels. It believes in making quality everyone’s concern and responsibility. Team ensures attainment of this objective generating a number of benefits to the organization like customer satisfaction, enhancing quality, reduction in waste, improving productivity, reducing product development time, flexibility, motivates human resource and enhances competitiveness.
Item Secure refer quality as the totality of the features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy given needs. It helps to lock down the customers.
We at the ITEM SECURE, individually and collectively are committed to achieve this quality policy and pledge to deliver it. We will strive continuously to improve upon all quality objectives through a periodic review.
We at theITEM Secure , individually and collectively are committed to achieve the ITEM Secure quality policyand pledge to deliver it.