Mission & Vision
ITEM Secure – Mission Statement
Our aim is to be the largest and on the best pest control companies in India. And then later it wants to gain name in the world’s top pest control companies.
To provide our customers with a first class service.
To help train and develop our staff to their full potential and to be part of the organization.
To use environment friendly products whenever possible.
To guard the health and wealth of customers and to pursue excellence by exceeding our customers expectations at all times.
ITEM Secure believes in providing customer satisfaction, so we provide our esteemed customers with first class service and don’t give them a chance to complaint. We provide our customers with the best possible solution and treatment and help them in solving their queries.
We train and develop our employees and staff to their full potential and help them to be the part of organization. We spend much in giving training to our newly recruited trainees and take proper safety measures while they deal with chemicals. Correct and safe ways of Termite Prevention are conveyed.
ITEM Secure believes in using environment friendly methods and chemicals whenever possible. Atmosphere and surrounding is ours, so any wrong or harmful chemical used will be affected to us some day in future. We try to be eco friendly whenever we can. One of our teams is engaged in researching about the new, harmless and ecological methods for manufacturing Termite Control Products.
Before starting New construction pest control,or Pre-construction Pest Pontrol Treatment, we take the needed care to protect our respected customers health against chemicals. We also take suitable measures for safe guarding the physical assets and property that the customer has earned and possessed since years. We value our customers.
All these things are undertaken as a part of company mission. But, all ITEM Secure personnel stand behind it; it guides their performance just as it guides company policy. They personally ensure our clients of their best service, just as our company provides them with the best technology.SERVICE POLICY To be a best Pest Control Service provider offering innovation, quality, reliability, health and safety with quick response and outstanding value that exceeds our customer’s expectation.
ITEM Secure,aims to be the largest and best pest control company in India and provide a first class service to its customers